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Re: Need to trace a script on mips/mipsel

On Wed, Sep 18, 2002 at 05:13:22PM +0200, Yann Dirson wrote:
> That's what we're trying to detect at configure-time.  However, a
> simple test of building a non-pic shlib and linking a program with it
> does succeed.  Relevant lines from the trace are:

In the gcc spec file there is a -fPIC - So any lib you generate
on mips is pic anyway.

> + gcc -c /tmp/actestydirson-lib1.c -o actestydirson-lib1.o
> + gcc -c /tmp/actestydirson-lib2.c -o actestydirson-lib2.o
> + ld -shared -o /tmp/actestydirson.so actestydirson-lib1.o actestydirson-lib2.o -lc -lm
> + gcc -o /tmp/Xactestydirson /tmp/actestydirson.c /tmp/actestydirson.so
> + /tmp/Xactestydirson

> This test is apparently sufficient on ia64, but for some reason it
> does not fail on mipsel (and surely on mips as well).

Why should it fail ? It should work ...

> The simple code provided by upstream does not explicitely call any
> libc function, so I even added a call to printf to check, but that did
> not change anything.

It shouldnt - the case above is valid. You CANT link pic and non-pic.
But the whole userspace on mips(el) is PIC by default. Its hardcoded
in the specs file - No way to generate non-pic code.
> Anyone understand why it works, and what should be tested for instead ?

Nothing - There is nothing like a "non-pic" library on mips & mipsel.
You can link together everything as you like. 

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