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Re: Siemens Nixdorf RM400

On Tue, 2002-09-17 15:25:53 +0300, Ira Liakh <spell@itl.ua>
wrote in message <[🔎] 20020917122553.GB9285@mermaid.itl.net.ua>:
> Hello people!

> can I install Debian Linux on Siemens Nixdorf RM400 computer any way?
> If not, what stage will fail, the way to install (I've had troubles
> with booting from any drive/LAN) or it's just unsupported architecture
> to work, or something else?

Well, poor you:-| First of all, it depends on the installed firmware if
you could even start a successfull boot (Btw., do you have firmware
floppies for that machine?)

Second, the kernel is expected to crash right after boot. Nobody has
worked on it for long time, it wasn't tested for ages and in the
meantime, there were a number of little changes which lets me think that
RM400 support is currently broken. Ralf Baechle wanted to work on it
some weeks ago, but I don't know how far he came up to now...


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