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Re: install on an indy ???

Jan-Hendrik Palic wrote:

Hii Leander
On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 02:30:46PM +0100, Leander Koornneef wrote:

No offence, but this is probably because of the lack of documentation/information on this issue. Searching archives/google/whatever only leads to this (outdated) way of installing. The only link about installing on debian.org/ports/mips is to mr. wagemakers page (which by the way is at http://www.stafwag.f2s.com/indy and not stafwag.f2g.net)

Try this


It will work with sid as well!

Nice one, I hadn't seen that one before :)
This page is a bit more up to date (it actually mentions bootfloppies)
I finally for the first time succeeded to get bootfloppies working on my R5000 Indy (although the name r4k-ip22 on the ftp-mirrors is a bit confusing...the kernel seems to work on r5k-ip22 as well)

I suggest to unite all existing HOWTOs etc. into one 'mother of all debian/MIPS-HOWTOs' ;-)
This should contain all the info about dhcp/tftp troubles and possible bootp()-commands (I think I've seen about sixty of them flying around :-) ).
It should also contain info about different inetd- and xinetd-settings and so on.
I believe mr. Wagemakers is planning to update his HOWTO?
I will be glad to help, so I can finally do something in return for all the excellent work that has been done on debian/MIPS (I am not a kernel-hacker unfortunately :( )

b.t.w. when is the planned release-date for woody and is the MIPS-port supposed to be ready then?



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