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Re: install on an indy ???

On Thu, Jan 24, 2002 at 12:10:10AM +0100, Jan-Hendrik Palic wrote:
> >No offence, but this is probably because of the lack of 
> >documentation/information on this issue. Searching archives/google/whatever 
> >only leads to this (outdated) way of installing. The only link about 
> >installing on debian.org/ports/mips is to mr. wagemakers page (which by the 
> >way is at http://www.stafwag.f2s.com/indy and not stafwag.f2g.net)
> Try this
> 	http://linux-debian.de/howto/debian-mips-woody-install.html
> It will work with sid as well!
> 	Regards
> 		Jan

Well, if your howto is up to date perhaps we can make it the official one.

I'd rather have one official on the mips port webpage than three unofficial 
not fully maintained howto's.

I only created my howto because there wasn't one available at that time.


staf wagemakers

homepage:	http://stafwag.home7.dk3.com/
email:		stafwag@yahoo.com

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