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Re: install on an indy ???

On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 02:30:46PM +0100, Leander Koornneef wrote:
> No offence, but this is probably because of the lack of documentation/information on this 
> issue. Searching archives/google/whatever only leads to this (outdated) way of installing. 
> The only link about installing on debian.org/ports/mips is to mr. wagemakers page (which 
> by the way is at http://www.stafwag.f2s.com/indy and not stafwag.f2g.net)
Well at least on this list the boot-floppies are mentioned over and over
again. Furthermore there's stuff in the bootfloppies documentation
(there could be *much* more, though).
I'd be nice if people could add more stuff to the boot-floppies
documentation, so we have one central, up to date, maintained and
generally available place to put this kind of information to. The
debian-ports webpage would be another good place - you don't need to be
a debian developer for that.
 -- Guido

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