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Re: mpqc build failure

On Sat, Jan 19, 2002 at 02:49:16PM +0100, Brian Murphy wrote:
> > Try building it with gcc-3.0 instead.  It's a problem in the code generator
> > being unable to branch to the else part of an if.  The new generator works
> > around this by jumping there if it should, if a branch can't do it.
> Sorry, I should have mentioned that I did this and it also fails in exactly the same
> way.

not entirely exactly, but very similar.

> H.J.Lu on the linux-mips list recommends I use his toolchain (rpm)
> but I would rather use the standard debian - Is there any chance of
> getting this fixed there?

H.J.Lu's toolchain performs slightly better than gcc-2.95, and worse than
gcc-3.0 (just tried it here).  One thing that makes this case "better" is
to increase the optimization level from -O0 to -O2.  It still doesn't fix
it, however, so this is a gcc-3.0 bug, for generating asm that the assembler
can't handle.  Follow the steps for reporting a gcc bug, either to the
Debian bts or gcc upstream.

Ryan Murray, Debian Developer (rmurray@cyberhqz.com, rmurray@debian.org)
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