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Feedback on Indy (r4k-ip22) first install


Just wanted to pass on some postitive feedback on my first attempt at a debian install on my Indy.

It was a bootp install using version 3.0.15 of the tftpboot image, and i have to say everthing went extremely smoothly. Most of my problems were minor and already covered by various mails on this list. I went for broke and did an X install too.

To summarise,
1) the reboot from the installation menus didn't work.

2) the update-menu package was broken which caused many errors during the package installation. A rebuild with the -static option as suggested on this list fixed that.

3) by default devices for bus mice were not created which meant the X server would not start.

4) Initially i thought it was the kernel not having psaux support, so i built a new kernel. I tried to do this debian way and although the kernel package built fine, the istallation of this package failed because it assumed a bzimage was built, however the build process built a vmlinux image. Also, i don't think the the kernel install script was Indy aware, and didn't know how to make the kernel bootable, i.e. to write it to the SGI header vol.

Thats it, so generally very smooth. hope this helps,


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