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XFree86 success on Indy R5K

Just a quick heads up - XF86 is working just dandy on the R5K Indy,
24 bit Newport. (Although it's still in 8 bit mode)  Enlightenment and
Sawfish are also working fine - Enlightenment 16.5-5 has some graphic
artifacts, but I'm fairly sure the cause is 16 bit textures on 8 bit

Running gpm in raw repeater mode did the trick for the mouse glitches - I've
found the easiest way to modify it is to simply run "gpmconfig" as root, and
change only the "Repeat protocol" to "raw" when prompted.  After that, it's
all set, from boot up, and still works perfect at the console.

Gnome is not as of yet working, due to bus errors generated by
gnome-session.  I'll be grabbing the gnome-core source and recompiling it,
with static linking, to see if it resolves the error in the same manner as
recompiling update-menus with static has.  Also, I'll be updating the XF86
server with the 24 bit one, and should have a report on that, as well.

Is there any support for the sound chipset as of yet? If so, I'd like to
take a gander at it as well, while I'm at it.  If there is a driver out
there, and if someone could throw me the URL for it, I'd be much obliged.

Keep up the good work, guys! Thanks!


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