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compile errors on patched 2.4.16

Anyone else having trouble compiling the 2.4.16 kernel, on an R5000/150

I'm running Debian, with flo's 2.4.2 kernel (and originally, the base 2.2
filesystem, but now it's heavily modified). Other programs have compiled
without mishap.  The only thing I can think of immediately is that this was
from a 2.4.14 source I had burned to CD, and then patched up to a 2.4.16
source, before compiling.  As I'm on a dialup, I thought I'd see if anyone
else had any ideas before I grabbed the 2.4.16 source tarball.

Thanks in advance...

(Trey Shewmake -- tshewmak@netdoor.com)

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