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Sid install: dpkg error

After trying unsuccessfully to get the debian/mips/sid disto installed
on my Indy, I have moved on to my Indigo2.  I am getting the exact same
problem again.

I am using the boot "floppies" from ftp.us.debian.org and am using that
server for my network installation.  Since there seems to be nothing
under woody, I am using sid.

Installing the base system goes fine for a few minutes.  Then just
after a message about "essential files", the installation fails with 
the message:
"Failure trying to run: dpkg --force-depends --install /var/cache/apt/arch"

I am booting with a 2.4.8 kernel compiled with gcc 3.01 and binutils
2.11.2 if that makes any difference.

The Indy has 100mhz R4600 and the Indigo2 has 200mhz R4400.  Both have
about 160 megs RAM and 2 gig hard drives.  Normally I give 100 megs
to / and the rest (1600 megs) to /usr, but I also tried using a
single large / partition (yuck).  Swap is over 200 megs.

Does anyone have any clues or suggestions?



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