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Re: Tar'ed Base System?

On Wed, Sep 19, 2001 at 03:12:58PM -0700, Michael Goetze wrote:
> Uhm, I don't have any Floppy/CD-ROM/DAT drives for my Indigo2... how
> would I go about using the Bootfloppies? Also, I have a feeling a
The name ``bootfloppies'' is kind of historical. They're actually
consisting of a small nfs-root(I'd be better to use a ramdisk though) +
kernel on mips.

> tar'ed base system is more practical for SGIs anyways, since they're
> much less diverse than PCs. If you have a base system for one Indigo2
> (or even Indy), you've got one for them all, or am I missing something
> here?
The bootfloppies make configuring the debian base-system kind of fool
proof in contrast to a tar'ed basesystem which may be hard to set up
correctly. And nobody wants to run nfs-root any longer than absolutely
necessary for performance reasons anyway.
 -- Guido

This kind of limitation can lead administrators to do irrational things,
      like install Windows. Clearly a fix was required. (lwn.net)

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