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Re: Tar'ed Base System?

On Tue, Sep 18, 2001 at 12:47:48PM -0700, Michael Goetze wrote:

> I recently obtained a cute little Indigo2 (R4400 @ 250 MHz) and I was
> wondering whether I could find a Debian Base System (preferably
> .tar.bz2) and a kernel image suitable for export with tftpd and capable
> of NFS-Root for it anywhere?

A root tarball containing a Debian base for big-endian systems such as
the Indigo2 is available at:


The tarball is a "barebones" base file system, so you have to
edit some configuration files, before it is really usable:
/etc/fstab, /etc/securetty, /etc/apt/sources.list etc.

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