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Re: NFS and boot floppies problems

On Fri, Aug 24, 2001 at 10:28:15AM +0100, Paul Gammans wrote:
> bootp(): root=nfs nsfaddrs= nfsroot=/mnt/debroot
Just "bootp(): ip=auto" should be enough, you can put all the rest into
the bootptab of your bootp-server(does anybody work in the boot-floppies
documentation btw?).
> system boots and starts dbootstrap which then reports a message and save 
> it nicely to /var/log/messages
> user.err dbootstrap[40]: I had trouble checking the choice of root 
> device. I don't know what to use as the root fs.
That's not a problem. It will go away as soon as you've initialized a
linux partition and mounted it.
> I can find any docs or even the source for dbootstrap to even try and 
> find out what the problem is but would apreciate some pointer then i do 
> some digging
The bf source is at cvs.debian.org.
> On a secondry issue how are you suppored to create the 'SGI volume' and 
> 'SGI volhdr' i ended up booting to irix and using that to initilise the 
> drive first.
Select "Partition a hard disk" in dbootstrap - this fires up fdisk. In
the expert menu you'll find "create IRIX partition label"(should we ask
the fdisk maintainer to rename this to SGI partition label)?
 -- Guido

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