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NFS and boot floppies problems


Thank all for the help with getting the indgo2 running debian, though i
have using pause this due to lack of a serial cable. I now have moved on to trying to install debian on my slower :( indy

I have managed to boot and play with the indy and have a semi working
system though i am experincing opp's regular opp's which send details in
once i check the archive it not a known problem.

Anyway as this system was a mixture of the base.2_2.2 which had been
upgraded i though i try to use the boot foppies.

The problem is such.

boot the indy using dhcp and using the file at
i took the kernel form bf-r4k-ip22_3.0.10.1.* file r4k-ip22/linux and extracted root.tar.gz from bf-common_3.0.10.1.* to make the rootfs

using the command
bootp(): root=nfs nsfaddrs= nfsroot=/mnt/debroot

system boots and starts dbootstrap which then reports a message and save it nicely to /var/log/messages user.err dbootstrap[40]: I had trouble checking the choice of root device. I don't know what to use as the root fs.

I can find any docs or even the source for dbootstrap to even try and find out what the problem is but would apreciate some pointer then i do some digging

On a secondry issue how are you suppored to create the 'SGI volume' and 'SGI volhdr' i ended up booting to irix and using that to initilise the drive first.

  Paul R. Gammans
  Post Graduate Research Student with 'Interaction Design Research'
  snail-mail: Brunel University, Egham, Surrey. TW20 0JZ
  e-mail: paul.gammans@brunel.ac.uk

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