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Re: Booting Kernel Problems on Indy and indigo2

> I'm having trouble installing Linux on both an Indigo2 and an Indy. 
> I've set up a DHCP server and a NFS server (in fact both running on a
> OpenBSD Box)
> Downloaded a root filesystem, and a kernel (in fact quite a few kernels)
> I boot the SGI (doesn't matter which one) and unset the netaddr, then do
> something like the following
> boot -f bootp()thekernel init=/bin/bash nfsroot=
> Now in both cases it seems to download the kernel okay, then just hangs and
> I have to reboot.

It would be helpful to know where it hangs.

There are some issues i know of:
- UDP source port for tftp has to be < 32768 (for broken indy prom)
  can be controlled via a /proc/sys/net var under linux.
- linux 2.4 needs to set ip_no_pmtu_disc
- DHCP replys must be carefully tweaked (sniff the replys with ethereal)

The dhcp problem is very annoying... i tried setting the nfsroot etc. in
the dhcp reply, but the dhcp reply is length-restricted, so if i did
send the full nfs path, other options got dropped and the indy didn't
react at all on the dhcp reply...
dhcp has a field to set the maximum length of packets, but the indy does
not use this in the request, so the reply is limited to the default
packet size.
I used ethereal to inspect the dhcp replys and strip off anything not
absolutely needed...
But then i decieded to boot the indy from disc, to get rid of supplying
a long boot command each time...
Would be very nice to have the indy net-booted though, as it then would
be really quiet...


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