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Re: debian/dists/stable/main/binary-i386/devel/binutils-mipsel-linux.deb,gcc-mipsel-linux.deb, etc.

On Mon, 6 Aug 2001, Bradley D. LaRonde wrote:

> The reason why I ask is that I've spent a lot of time trying to build a gcc
> 3.0 / glibc 2.2.3 mipsel cross-toolchain and I am still not done.  But,
> building toolchains isn't what I want to spend my time doing.  I think there
> must be more people like me that just want to cross-build their apps.  Will
> every one of us spend time building our own toolchains?  Seems like a waste
> of time.  The learning curve is steep enough, not to mention the iteration
> time wasted in mistakes.

Hmm.  I seem to recall that the last time I tried to build a gcc 3.0 cross
compiler for i386->mipsel, I ran into some problems that were suggestive of a
compiler bug.  However, IIRC that was also shortly /before/ the official
release of gcc 3.0, so it may be more feasible now.  I'll give it a try, and
we'll see what we shall see.  In any case, the default compiler for woody
appears to still be 2.95.4, so I'm not sure how important it is to have a
cross toolchain based on gcc 3.0?

> In the past I've simply used toolchains built by other people.  I would like
> to continue this tradition.  :-)

Well, I have no problem with uploading my packages to p.d.o/~vorlon/ once I
have something resembling a respectable source package for them (i.e., one
that will build the cross tools /without/ environment tweaking).

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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