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Re: RAQ2 + Debian

Taco IJsselmuiden wrote:
> Hi All,
> I just subscribed to this list, so please be gentle ;))
> I just acquired a cobalt raq2 and am wondering if I could load debian on
> it and if i can: how ;)
> I searched the list-archives (multiple, that is...) and got the
> feeling/idea that it's possible. I just haven't been able to find some
> 'cookbook' for it....

Please check the following URLs:

base-contents.txt <http://loco.pocketlinux.com/%7Esamc/debian-cobalt/base-contents.txt>       31-Jul-2001 13:40     5k
base.tar.bz2 <http://loco.pocketlinux.com/%7Esamc/debian-cobalt/base.tar.bz2>            31-Jul-2001 13:40  19.0M
vmlinux.gz <http://loco.pocketlinux.com/%7Esamc/debian-cobalt/vmlinux.gz>              31-Jul-2001 13:40   824k





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