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Success bootstrapping mips

With the patches posted to debian-boot recently and  the patch from
#103813 to stop dhcp-client from segfaulting I was able to completely
bootstrap a R4000 Indigo2 (big endian) by installing from nfs-root. This
includes configuring the network via bootp, copying over the kernel and
modules from rescue.bin and drivers.tgz, running debootstrap
successfully as well as basic support for making the system bootable
from harddisk.  There are some small issues remaining:
 - although copying over drivers.tgz works the "Configuring device
   drivers and modules" step doesn't work properly(it completes
   successfully without ever showing a dialog box).
 - configuring the network manually freezes the installer since it looses
   it's nfs mounted root-fs(but bootp works).
 - the "Execute a shell step" does not work with serial
   console(characters typed are not shown, exit does not work).
 - cfdisk doesn't seem to be able to create sgi disklabels. Shall we
   switch to plain fdisk on mips?
So maybe it's time for a first boot disk upload for mips?
 -- Guido

P.S.: Bootdisks are at:

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