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Re: boot-floppies!


okay for which architecure I should build kernels, I think ip22 is okay
and Decstation with R3000. I already done, but because the missing of the
functional addinitrd-programm I only have the root.bin and the nsf-root.tar.gz
The can be download at http:/www.physik.tu-cottbus.de/users/heinold/mips/root.bin 
http:/www.physik.tu-cottbus.de/users/heinold/mipsel/root.bin root.tar.gz

They will have the broken wget from busybox 0.52 and the last time I testetd
the nfs-root.tar.gz busybox claims not to find the root-fs.

The major problem now I have, I can test them, because I have no mipsel-machine
and my indigo2 is at my parents home.


Henning Heinold

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