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Re: help needed to get XFree86 4.1.0 working on MIPS

On Thu, 19 Jul 2001, Stephen Frost wrote:

> > Ryan Murray reported to me that a 4.1 compile on mips fails.
> 	This is an update to this issue.
> 	After adding another parameter to RANGE ('0' for pci domain) and
> 	attempting to compile I ran into a few other problems.  First
> 	off, write_mem_barrier was undefined under MIPS.  After looking
> 	at some other archs I went ahead and defined it for MIPS as:
> #define write_mem_barrier /* NOP */

Double-check your arch manual.  At least on alpha, we have a memory
barrier instruction that's not a nop (and alpha is similar to mips in some
ways, so I'd verify that).  I have an R4400 manual around here
somewhere...if I get time, I'll look for it and look it up as well.

> 	The second problem is more difficult.  xf86WriteMmio32Be is
> 	undefined in MIPS and is implemented under other archs in
> 	assembly which I'm not sure what to do with.  xf86WriteMmio32Be
> 	is used in atimach64.c (added by DaveM's big patch).  I'm not
> 	exactly sure what it does so I'm not sure how to implement it in
> 	C either.

Is there a build log that everyone can look at as well?  I have an Indy
with a monitor attached and I'd love to try X on it (my Indy is mostly
idle), so I can lend a (small) hand.


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