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Re: help needed to get XFree86 4.1.0 working on MIPS

* Branden Robinson (branden@debian.org) wrote:
> [I do not subscribe to debian-mips; please include debian-x when replying.]
> Ryan Murray reported to me that a 4.1 compile on mips fails.

	This is an update to this issue.

	After adding another parameter to RANGE ('0' for pci domain) and
	attempting to compile I ran into a few other problems.  First
	off, write_mem_barrier was undefined under MIPS.  After looking
	at some other archs I went ahead and defined it for MIPS as:

#define write_mem_barrier /* NOP */

	As it is defined for a few other archs.  If someone more
	familiar with this code feels this is in error, let me know.

	The second problem is more difficult.  xf86WriteMmio32Be is
	undefined in MIPS and is implemented under other archs in
	assembly which I'm not sure what to do with.  xf86WriteMmio32Be
	is used in atimach64.c (added by DaveM's big patch).  I'm not
	exactly sure what it does so I'm not sure how to implement it in
	C either.

> I do not have access, let alone physical access, to any mips boxen so I am
> going to rely on one of Debian's MIPS porters to resolve this problem.  I'm
> CC'ing David S. Miller as well, in case he has any insights he'd like to
> share.

	I've got an r5k box with console which I'm happy to help with,
	but I don't have a solution to the problem with
	'xf86WriteMmio32Be'.  If anyone has any suggestions I'd be more
	than happy to try them.


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