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help needed to get XFree86 4.1.0 working on MIPS

[I do not subscribe to debian-mips; please include debian-x when replying.]

Ryan Murray reported to me that a 4.1 compile on mips fails.

<neuro> Overfiend: make[8]: Entering directory `/home/rmurray/build/xfree86-4.1.0/build-tree/xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/drivers/newport'
<neuro> Overfiend: newport_driver.c:250: macro `RANGE' used with only 4 args

The problem here is that a patch from David S. Miller (see
debian/patches/100* in the source package) added a 5th argument to the
RANGE() macro.  This fifth argument is a PCI domain.

The definition of the macro is in

Ryan also says that machines with newport cards won't have PCI devices.  I
have the shallowest possible understanding of this code so I am not sure
what happens on machines that use this macro with no PCI bus.  Perhaps
whatever bus happens to be available is assigned bus 0.  The existing code
in the newport driver describes what it is doing as a "hack".

    244                                         /* This is a hack because don't have the RAC info(and don't want it).
    245                                          * Set it as an ISA entity to get the entity field set up right.
    246                                          */
    247                                         entity = xf86ClaimIsaSlot(drv, 0, dev, TRUE);
    248                                         base = (NEWPORT_BASE_ADDR0 + busID * NEWPORT_BASE_OFFSET);
    249                                         RANGE(range[0], base, base + sizeof(NewportRegs),\
    250                                                         ResExcMemBlock);
    251                                         pScrn = xf86ConfigIsaEntity(pScrn, 0, entity, NULL, range, \
    252                                                         NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);

I do not have access, let alone physical access, to any mips boxen so I am
going to rely on one of Debian's MIPS porters to resolve this problem.  I'm
CC'ing David S. Miller as well, in case he has any insights he'd like to

You can get the last 4.1.0 prerelease .debs from the URL in my .signature.

Thanks for your assistance.

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