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Re: Hands for the mipsel port / bootstrapping

On Sun, Jun 03, 2001 at 07:41:25PM -0500, Steve Langasek wrote:

> Yes, it was an interesting experience to see 'FATAL: kernel too old' when
> trying to run bash. :)  My next step is to boot the machine to 2.2
> (2.4?) so I can continue with configuring the chroot'ed system.

I guess you'll see that message too booting 2.2 although i never saw
a 2.2 kernel for the Cobalts.

> > The whole mips/mipsel issue has a lot of work to do especially on packages
> > for installation like kernel-package, boot-floppies, bootloader etc.
> > There are a couple of completely different archs so there wont probably be
> > ONE installation disk set.
> Understandable.  I suppose that if I want an install flavor for the Cobalt, I
> should expect to have to pitch in? :)

I would guess so - I do also have an architecture which has no way
to install - One has to unplug the disk. There are not much of
that kind so i guess for those archs we simply will

> Are your mips/mipsel machines faster at compiling than ours is?  I admit that
> I'm very impatient when waiting for compiles, having been spoiled by fast
> x86 and alpha systems.  I'm sure that if it's as much hassle as you say, I'll
> soon give up and learn to tolerate the slow builds, but I'm still going to try
> cross-building if only for my own purposes.

I dont think mine are much faster - The mipsel machines we currently
build on are 250Mhz R5000 with 128M and the Big Endian autobuilder
is currently 100MHz R4400 with 64M although the Indigo2 has
128M and a 250Mhz R4400 but the disk corruption is worse on the Indigo2
due to multiple disks.

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