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Re: Problems with an Explora 700

On Tue, May 22, 2001 at 10:55:34AM -0700, Sean Kellogg wrote:
> A friend and I were wondering if anyone on this list could help us out.
> We recently became the owner of an Explora 700 Xterm and have been trying
> in vein to set the thing up.  From the documentation we have found on
> the web, it appears to run a MIPS R4700 @150MHz processor (64-bit RISC).
> My friend and I both run debian, but on a i386 machines, so we set out
> to find precompiled mips linux kernel with which to boot the xterm.
> We were able to find one from one of the debian-mips ftp servers.  So we
> setup tftp and the kernel image and pointed the xterm at the appropriate
> ip address, turned it on and hoped for the best.  The xterm was able
> to connect and found the file we were pointing at to which it gave the
> following error.

I dont know anything about this terminal/computer so you are on your
own. I dont think there and never will be support for that hardware.

The R4700 was build by QED but i havent got any informations on it - It might
even be a MMU less CPU.

> "Out of Address Range.  File is bad or too big."

Which image did you try to boot any which type of image does the 
XTerm normally boot ? a.out ? ecoff ? elf ?

Try issuing a "file" on the original image.

> We also pointed it at files that were no mips kernels, to which
> it responded with error statements like: not a valid image.  Now...
> he and I have absolutely zero experience with mips processors (and while
> we have friends who have written programs for mips processors, they too
> have been of no help) so we turn to you for guidance.  Does anyone know
> what kind of kernel this thing is looking for, and where we might be
> able to find one??  Any advice would be appreciated.

Nope ... Try to get documentation from the orginal manufacturers which
is the only hope to ever get something to work.

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