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Problems with an Explora 700

A friend and I were wondering if anyone on this list could help us out.
We recently became the owner of an Explora 700 Xterm and have been trying in vein to set the thing up.  From the documentation we have found on the web, it appears to run a MIPS R4700 @150MHz processor (64-bit RISC).  My friend and I both run debian, but on a i386 machines, so we set out to find precompiled mips linux kernel with which to boot the xterm.  We were able to find one from one of the debian-mips ftp servers.  So we setup tftp and the kernel image and pointed the xterm at the appropriate ip address, turned it on and hoped for the best.  The xterm was able to connect and found the file we were pointing at to which it gave the following error. 
"Out of Address Range.  File is bad or too big."
We also pointed it at files that were no mips kernels, to which it responded with error statements like: not a valid image.  Now...  he and I have absolutely zero experience with mips processors (and while we have friends who have written programs for mips processors, they too have been of no help) so we turn to you for guidance.  Does anyone know what kind of kernel this thing is looking for, and where we might be able to find one??  Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks again,

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