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Re: first experimental version of a base for mips

Florian Lohoff wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 09:51:57AM -0500, Michael E Crowe wrote:
> > Christoph,
> >       Is there a base system for a little-endian MIPS systems?  I am working
> > on one (a mipsel system) right now and it would be nice if there was a
> > prebuilt File System to start with.
> Not right now - I have a couple of little endian machines, some decstations
> and some "embedded" machines with disk and much faster than the decstation.
> I was not able to reproduce the stuff Christoph did, and i havent got
> that much time. If you would like to do something towards this
> i can provide you with a login on a little endian machine
> in the network.
> Flo
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I have a couple little endian embedded targets to work on.  I have just
ported linux to them and have a simple RFS that was provided to me in
binary format, but I have not built a libc yet.  Guess that's the first
order of business.  I would like it to be a x86-linux to mipsel-linux
cross compile toolchain.  Anyone have this available or can tell me
where to start??


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