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first experimental version of a base for mips

Hi all,

I am just uploading a first try of a base for debian-mips to
ftp.uni-mainz.de/pub/Linux/debian-local/mips/base2_2.0.tgz. It will be
finished in about an hour.

It took some time to get all the necessary programs and packages
compiled. I did not try to boot from this image yet, since I am not
physically in reach of my Indy. I am also not shure if every program
is working since we had the problem with the broken binutils. I tried
to find all libraries which had to be rebuild.

So if you like please try to boot with this image.

Easiest way is to boot via bootp/tftp and mount the root via nfs. 

But beware: The preconfiguration before booting the base is missing,
if you boot directly from this base.

This part of the bootstrap is still missing. If you want to work
around this "feature" you have to edit /sbin/unconfigured.sh and do
the missing configuration by hand.


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