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Re: New glibc2.2 packages and patches

Ulrik De Bie writes:
 > Hello, you have this build environment working on the indy itself ?

Yes. In a chroot environment.

 > Do you have it packaged ? 

Yes. I have a .tar.gz and .deb (via alien) from gcc and binutils and
can upload this to my ftp server tonight.

 > I started from the base on rfc822.org, but it is not
 > easy to upgrade it to glibc2.2 (libnss-db problems) and I have not that
 > much diskspace on my machines to create a cross development environment. So
 > I would like to use as much as possible my indy as building machine.

I am working via nfs on a spare IDE partition of my intel linux box

I managed to build libnss-db as well and try to upload it soon. There
are some more parts missing, since the new libc6 is not completely
replacing the old one and I have not yet figured out which packages
else are needed.


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