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New glibc2.2 packages and patches


after I succeded in setting up a build environment (binutils-20001213,
gcc-20001211 with libstdc++v2) for glibc2.2 on my Indy I managed to
build my first packages.

I uploaded shellutils and ncurses which were both missing in the

So, what is the normal procedure when uploading with some
mips-specific patches? 

- Send the patches to the packages maintainer (?)
  I don't know if this is not to early, since we are using different
  binutils and gcc.

- Using the same version number as main package or a NMU number (?)

- Diff uploads (?) There is no support for this in the archive

The two packages I uploaded are have the normal version number and are
signed by me, but I had to do some patching. I uploaded them because
they are needed by other packages.

I also tried to compile apt. I had to do some changes in the c++
source code, because some standards changed (eg friend -> friend class) 
But apt-get crashes with a segmentation fault.

I am now trying to build gdb-5 with the patches from ftp.linux.sgi.com
to find the problem in apt.


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