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mips build environment

I am trying to make a build environment on my Indy but have some

Florian Lohoff writes:
 > I suggest starting to create a chroot environment like i did 
 > and install all the available glibc 2.2 packages in there (glibc, grep, sed ...)
 > dpkg-deb -x <package> <chrootpath> 
 > is a good helper to get started and packages extracted - Once you
 > have things like glibc, dpkg, bash etc in there you can
 > continue with

I tried that, but bash needs libncurses5 which is not in the archive
on master yet.

I am trying to build it myself now in the old environment but with the
gcc and binutils version 20001007 from rfc822.org. Hopefully this will
help to go into the chroot environment.

 > Try to compile the packages with the build-dependencies already
 > satisfied with glibc 2.2 stuff - 

libc6 itself is in the archive, but libnss-db and libdb2 on which it
depends is nowhere to be found. I will try to build them as soon as I
manage to get the chroot runnung.


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