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Is there an X Server for Indy?

Is there an X Server for Indy?  If so where?  I assume a full Gnome install
would be too slow (and Gnome likes more than 256 colors), but I would like to
see X up for grins and oooohs since this is a spare work machine (which dual
boots with IRIX 6.5).  Maybe a gtk-step install?  that would be slick on an

Is there a framebuffer console driver?   I assume not, as, if there was, you
could run Xfbdev on it.

Is there docs for the two graphics devices the newer Linux kernels support on
it?  /dev/gfx and /dev/graphics ... these are for the newport graphics
device, which I have ... I haven't experimented with them yet.  Hmmm ..
anyone know of any mesa ports/patches to use SGI hardware rendering?  Then
again, this is an OLD box with crappy 8-bit color.  3D isn't gonna be very

I'm attempting to configure kernel 2.4.0-test12 now

Evan Langlois

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