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Newbie: Indy won't boot


my indy just won't boot a linux kernel. I tried to boot off efs and
saw just one line like this:
number+number+number entry: foo
I said:
sash: boot -f dksc(0,2,0)vmlinux-indy

just like on a booting bsd. That's all. My config:

indy 3% hinv
Iris Audio Processor: version A2 revision 4.1.0
1 200 MHZ IP22 Processor
FPU: MIPS R4000 Floating Point Coprocessor Revision: 0.0
CPU: MIPS R4400 Processor Chip Revision: 6.0
On-board serial ports: 2
On-board bi-directional parallel port
Data cache size: 16 Kbytes
Instruction cache size: 16 Kbytes
Secondary unified instruction/data cache size: 1 Mbyte on Processor 0
Main memory size: 192 Mbytes
Vino video: unit 0, revision 0, IndyCam connected
Integral ISDN: Basic Rate Interface unit 0, revision 1.0
Integral Ethernet: ec0, version 1
Integral SCSI controller 0: Version WD33C93B, revision D
  Disk drive: unit 2 on SCSI controller 0
  Disk drive: unit 1 on SCSI controller 0
Graphics board: Indy 8-bit

indy 4% /usr/gfx/gfxinfo
Graphics board 0 is "NG1" graphics.
        Managed (":0.0") 1280x1024 
        8 bitplanes, NG1 revision 6, REX3 revision B, VC2 revision A
        MC revision C, xmap9 revision A, cmap revision C, bt445
revision D
        Display 1280x1024 @ 76Hz, monitor id 1

Is my framebuffer not supported? At the moment i have no serial cable
to give the serial console a try.
If it is not supported does the kernel set up the network interface
using netaddr so that i could check if it is ping'able?

Another question: do i need to set up rarp on my server box when i
want to boot off the net? I see a bootp request and a response (Etherreal).
netaddr is unset on the indy and i did a "echo 1 >
/proc/sys/net/....." (am using 2.4.0-test10 on the pc)
tftp'ing is possible between my indy and the server (i got the kernel
images this way onto the efs on the indy). But no kernel is send over
the net :-(


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