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[Fwd: Cross Buils Toolchains]

Michael E Crowe wrote:

> Hey all,
>     Just wandering what the best combination of binutils, gcc, and glibc
> is to create a build environment for a mips32 little endian machine.  I
> am embedding our Real-Time Linux onto a  MIPS Technologies board and
> have the kernel build and nearly fully functional using binutils-2.8.1
> and gcc-core-2.95.2.  These seem fine to build a kernel with, although I
> am seeing some problems with instructions getting over written at random
> times, but thats a different problem.
>     I have read the archives of this list and there seems to be a few
> people working on porting some of the latest tools to linux mips and
> there are various patches I have found, but I am looking for a cookbook
> type recipe that says get the sources from here, build them with these
> options, and viola, you have a full toolset.  Maybe thats not available
> yet, but if it is, or any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Michael Crowe
> mike@timesys.com

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