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Debian installation on a DECstation 5000


I've just managed to get a used DECstation 5000/120, which I'm having lots of
fun with. I've managed to netboot linux on it with Karels (excellent) howto on
the subject, and also have the RH-like root filesystem which is described in the

Anyhow, I'd be interested in trying to run debian (or at least what's available
of it) on the DECstation, but is not sure how to get started. Shall I get a .tgz
of dpkg and use filesystem I already have, or is there a base.tgz (with a basic
debian filesystem, I mean) which I can use?

Another question: Is there a way to have Linux not spinning up the harddisks
on startup, as they are rather noicy and I use a nfs-root filesystem anyhow?

// Simon Kågström

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