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Re: Ok, got it booted...

On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Florian Lohoff wrote:

> I havent tried the binutils - As of somewhere 000624 something
> the toolchain from the CVS should work for mips (Although its
> a moving target - I got errors with ll/sc not useable with mips R3000
> with 000711 which is basically correct but ll/sc get emulated from linux
> afaik) 
> So no - I am not really a development toolchain expert - gcc is a
> big problem and the gcc-snapshot 000802 is not useable for mips.
> I had success compiling glibc 2.1.92 with binutils and gcc from
> cvs on 000829 - 000830 on mipsel gives me errors while compiling
> the gcc again :(

Good to know.  I've managed to scavenge some alien'ed redhat packages of
gcc and binutils.  I succeeded in building H.J. Lu's binutils,
but the latest gcc snapshot is not building (000828).  I'll start winding
back snapshots until I find one that works.  After that, I'm going to
start really working on generating a quality set of toolchain debs.

> If anyone wants - I have a mipsel and a mips machine up and running
> with a mix of redhat and debian which i run my brute force builders
> on and i will happily give out shell acounts with ssh ...

I may take you up on this, but for now, I'll be fine (now that gcc works
:-P).  In the meantime, I'll see if I can comb the binutils list for any
patches that might apply to mips/mipsel that we may need that might have
been applied after HJ released this version.

FYI, if I find any, I'll start patching the debian package and upload a
new version.

It's good to have the binutils maintainer interested in the port, isn't


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