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First Annual Linux User's Training Conference and Awards Presentation

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First Annual Linux Users' Training Conference


Awards Presentation

?New Enterprise Solutions Through Linux?

October 30, 2000

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center

1300 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington D.C.

Atrium Ballroom

Event Sponsors:

  • GCN
  • Aronson, Fetridge, & Weigle
  • Washington Technology
  • 3ware.com

? new sponsors to be announced.

Special Note:  We already have four candidates for award.  Go to our web site at www.marketaccess.org to view a summary of their award submission.

Purpose of Conference:

Twenty-six percent (26%) of federal installations have reported use of the Linux operating system in their organization, as reported by IDC.  IDC also estimates that "most of the government's sophisticated, back-office computers will be running Linux by 2002."  Just when agencies are turning to enterprise-wide solutions and mainframe class applications, the Linux operating system offers a new and exciting alternative.

This will be a one-day conference that will present agency plans and strategies for deploying new and innovative Linux applications.

The conference will focus on those Linux applications that are in the early or test bed stage AND will likely evolve into enterprise-level deployments.

Who Should Attend:
  • Government technical managers

  • Agency executives

  • Program managers

  • Agency e-commerce planners

  • Companies with Linux related products and services

  • Government executives responsible for enterprise applications

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • Where and how Linux is being used

  • New plans for enterprise applications

  • Innovative ideas and strategies

  • New opportunities for Linux products and services

  • Agency plans for new and innovative enterprise applications

Recognizing Technical Achievement:

Also at this conference, awards will be presented to those organizations that have taken a technology leadership role in developing innovative Linux Applications.

Award categories to be considered:

  • Innovative applications

  • Enterprise-wide applications

  • Military Command and Control

  • Electronic Commerce

  • Science and Research

  • Mobile Office and Portable Applications

  • Management and Leadership

Candidate projects will be submitted to a joint industry-government team for evaluation and selection.

The winners will receive recognition at the event, with their agency, and in the press.

Members of the evaluation team include:

  • INPUT Federal

  • Federal Executive Review Panel

  • Mr. Art Chantker, President, The Potomac Forum Ltd., Chair

Please survey your agency and department.  If your organization has one -- or more -- Linux applications in the early stages of evaluation, planning, test, or deployment -- tell us about your project and the team running it.  Initially we only need a max of 1page summary of the project and a point of contact at the team so that we can obtain additional information as needed.  Closing date for submission of your candidate project teams is 1 September 2000.

How to submit your project for consideration:

Outline for Candidate Submission:

  1. Name of project, Department/Agency.  Phone, email and web site contact information for Team/Project Leader and team members.

  2. Brief description of the project.  Focus on the application, reason for selection of Linux.  Status.

  3. Potential Impact.  If the project or test is successful, describe the magnitude of the deployment and impact on the project and/or government enterprise.

  4. Contractor(s) supporting the project (if any) and Point of Contact

The First Annual Federal Users Training Conference will also highlight the new and exciting applications that are in place today and are in development. Exhibits, demonstrations and presentations will allow federal users to become informed of new Linux products and services.

Agency presentations will focus on projects in the early stages that will provide innovative enterprise-level applications.  Leaders will be recognized for their contributions and technology innovation.

Please respond today with your candidates.

Submit your candidates by email or fax to:

Federal Linux Users Forum

Market*Access International

Suite 810

5454 Wisconsin Avenue

Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815

Phone:  301-652-0810

FAX:  301-652-0914

Email:  ddickson@marketaccess.org

Potomac Forum Ltd and Market*Access are independent organizations not associated or supported by any Linux supplier or manufacturer.

Government training forms and credit cards accepted.

The registration fee for this important training conference is:

  • Government Credit Card or Check in Advance:  $295.00
  • Government Training Forms/Invoice:  $345.00
  • Industry and Federal Contractors, Payment in Advance:  $595
  • Industry and Federal Contractors/Invoice: $645

Questions?  Call Colleen Harbison at 301-652-0810 or email at charbison@marketaccess.org.

Do you need a place to stay while you're attending the conference?  Here are some nearby hotels:

  • JW Marriott: 202-393-2000, from $269/night
  • Willard Intercontinental: 202-628-9100, from $279/night
  • Washington Hotel: 202-638-5900, from $145/night
  • Washington Marriott: 202-872-1500, from $189/night
  • Grand Hyatt: 202-582-1234, from $245/night
  • Marriott at Metro Center: 202-737-2200, from $229/night
Conference Registration Options

[1] Phone: 301-652-0810 and speak with Ms. Colleen Harbison.

[2] Email: charbison@marketaccess.org

[3] Register online: Use our online booking form to register and pay by credit card electronically.

[4] Fax: registration form to 301-652-0914.

[5] Mail: registration form to:

   Market*Access International, Inc.
   5454 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 810
   Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815

To register by phone or to request more information: Call Colleen Harbison 301-652-0810

Produced by

Potomac Forum, Ltd.

(301) 279-7704

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Event Support and Marketing

Market*Access International, Inc.
(301) 455-5633




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