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brute force builder state

i just took the time to process the output of the brute force builder.

I have tried to compile

(root@193)/data/autobuild# wc data/onhold data/done
    694    2457   33034 data/onhold
    297     594    4814 data/done
    991    3051   37848 total

~1000 Packages - 700 failed :(

Most of them failed due to kernel header problems - Probably i should compile
against the 2.2.1 kernel sources - I have now CVS Snapshot 2.3.51 installed.

The second big failure reason is direkt or indirekt missing xfree like
libgtk, groff, gnome, xmkmf.

I have attached the done and the onhold list - The onhold is quite
confusing and just to keep track of WHY packages didnt build out of
the box - Its just a small note from looking at the compile output
without trying to compile again. I thought of having dependencies and
reasons seperated but that didnt work - So - just see it as a state collection.

The machine approx crashed 4 times :)

Florian Lohoff		flo@rfc822.org		      	+49-5241-470566
"Technology is a constant battle between manufacturers producing bigger and
more idiot-proof systems and nature producing bigger and better idiots."
3dchess              xfree
9menu                xfree
9wm                  xfree
abacus               xfree,tcl,tk
abiword              libgtk,libglib
abuse                none                 c++ compiler options cc1plus: Invalid option `-fpermissive'
acfax                xfree
acidwarp             svgalib
acm                  none                 rand/random ????
acs                  none                 c++ compiler problems
adacgi               gnat
adasockets           gnat
adjtimex             none                 kernel include problems
aegis                none                 source depends troff/pic (segfault)
af                   none                 kernel include SOCK_STREAM
afbackup             none                 source depends csh
afterstep            xfree
aleph                none                 cant determin system type
alevt                xfree
alsa-lib             none                 no alsa for mips
alsa-lib-0.4         none                 no alsa for mips
alsa-utils           none                 no alsa for mips
alsa-utils-0.4       none                 no alsa for mips
alsaconf             nosound
alsaconf-0.4         nosound
alsadriver           nosound
alsalib              nosound
alsaplayer           nosound
alsautils            nosound
altgcc               noneed
amanda               none                 source depends dump (e2fstools ?)
amaya                xfree
amcl                 libgtk
amd                  none                 kernel include SOCK_STREAM
ami                  libgtk
amphetamine          unknown              SDL.h ?
anarchism            none                 maintainer script `postinst' has bad permissions 644
animals              db2
aolserver            libpthreads
apache               libpostgresql,libmysql
apache-perl          libpostgresql,libmysql
apcalc               none                 kernel source RLIM_INFINITY
apcd                 none                 kernel source SOCK_STREAM
apcupsd              none                 kernel source SOCK_STREAM
apmd                 xfree
apt                  none                 cant determin system architecture
aptitude             none                 c++ errors
arena                xfree
arpwatch             libpcap
ascd                 xfree
ascdc                xfree
asclassic            xfree
asclock              xfree
asclock-gtk          xfree
ash                  pmake
asis                 none                 incomplete source
asmail               xfree
asmixer              xfree
asmodem              xfree
asp                  none                 kernel source SOCK_STREAM
asr-manpages         none                 source problems !?!?
astyle               none                 c++ problems
at                   none                 failed to build     
atari-fdisk          none                 wrong architecture
atp                  libpaperg
auctex               eperl
autogen              tex
aview                none                 failed to build     
awe                  xfree
ax25-apps            none                 failed to build     
ax25-tools           none                 failed to build     
balsa                gnome
bash                 none                 failed to build     
battleball           xfree
bbmail               xfree
bbpager              xfree
bclock               xfree
berolist             none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
bezerk               libgtk
bg5ps                libfreetype
bibindex             none                 linker error
bibtool              bibtex
bibview              xfree
big-cursor           bdf2cpf
bigloo               libgc4
bind                 none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
bing                 none                 kernel header SOCK_RAW
binkd                none                 kernel source SOCK_STREAM
binutils             none                 failed to build     
bioperl              none                 failed to build
bitmap-mule          bdftopcf
bk2site              none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
blackbox             xfree
blacs-mpi            mpi
blacs-pvm            pvm
blast                xfree
blinkd               none                 Kernel header SOCK_STREAM
blitz++              none                 c++ error
blt                  xfree
bluefish             libgtk
bnetd                none                 source dep bin/bnbot ?!?!?
bnlib                none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
boa                  none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
bock                 libgc
bonnie               none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
bonobo               gnome
bootp                none                 kernel header SOCK_DGRAM
bootpc               none                 kernel header SOCK_DGRAM
bplay                none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
bpowerd              none                 failed to build     
bridge               none                 kernel 2.2 only ?
browser-history      xfree
bsd-finger           none                 kernel header SOCK_DGRAM
bsdgames             none                 source dep dict/american-english
bugsx                xfree
buici-clock          xfree
bzflag               none                 failed to build     
bzip2                none                 source dep makeinfo etc
cadaver              none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
calife               none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
camediaplay          none                 source package error -> RCS lock etc
camlp4               none                 failed to build     
canna                xfree
cccd                 libgtk
ccmalloc             none                 internal compiler error
cdcd                 libcdaudio
cdecl                none                 failed to build     
cdrdao               none                 source dep PCCTS
cdrecord             none                 missing mips(el) rule
cdtool               none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
cdwrite              none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
cern-httpd           none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
cfengine             none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
cfingerd             none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
cflow                none                 failed to build     
cftp                 none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
cgiemail             none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
cgoban               xfree
chameleon            libgtk
chase                gcmalloc
chasen               none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
chbg                 imlib
cheops               libgtk
chimera2             xfree
chipmunk-log         none                 source dep psys
chpp                 dvips
chrony               none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
circlepack           xfree
cjk-latex            kpathsea
clanbomber           clanlib
clanlib0             xfree
clif                 xfree
clips                none                 cc segfaulted
clisp                none                 linker error
cln                  none                 failed to build     
cmix                 none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
cnews                none                 source depends pic
codebreaker          none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
colrconv             none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
console-apt          none                 c++ errors
console-tools        console-data
control-center       gnome
cook                 none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
cooledit             none                 source error patch failes
coolmail             xfree
coq                  objc
corewars             libgtk
cost                 tcl
courier-imap         none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
cracklib2            perl5
craft                xfree
crossfire            none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
crossfire-client     xfree
csh                  none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
ctwm                 xfree
cupsys               none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
curl                 none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
curves               none                 kernel header SOCK_DGRAM
cvs                  none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
cweb                 none                 source dep tex
cwebx                none                 source dep tex
dante                none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
darxite              none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
db                   none                 source error
dbf2mysql            mysql
dbf2sql              postgresql
dbskkd-cdb           none                 linker error
dcd                  none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
dclock               xfree
ddd                  xfree
dedit                gnome
deroff               none                 source dep on "co"
dfm                  xfree
dgipip               none                 kernel header SOCK_DGRAM
dgpsip               none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
dgs                  xfree
dhcp                 none                 kernel header SOCK_RAW
dhcpcd               none                 kernel header SOCK_DGRAM
dhis                 none                 source dep libopt
dhttpd               none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
dia                  libxml
diald                none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
dialdcost            xfree
dictd                none                 kernel header RUSAGE_CHILD
dip                  none                 failed to build     
divine               libpcap
djtools              libpaper
dnrd                 none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
doc++                none                 source dep latex
dog                  none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
dpkg                 none                 configure segfault
drgeo                libgtk
drscheme             none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
dsc                  none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
dstool               tcl
dstooltk             tcl
dtlk                 none                 not for kernel >2.3
dump                 none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
dutch                none                 failed to build     
dvi2ps               kpathsea
dwww                 none                 linker error
dx                   none                 c++ error
e2fsprogs            none                 interesting ...
eblook               none                 source dep eb
ecdl2k-108-client    none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
echoping             none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
eeyes                gnome
efax                 none                 dialout does not exist
egcs1.0              none                 mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu
egcs1.1              none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
eggdrop              tcl
eglade               none                 source dep geyacc
egtk                 libgtk
elk                  none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
elm-me+              none                 troff segfault
elvis                none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
emacs-dl-canna       none                 failed to build     
emacs-dl-wnn         none                 no emacs source
emacs19              none                 no port to mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu
emacs20              none                 no port to mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu
emacs20-dl           none                 no port to mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu
emacspeak-ss         none                 failed to build     
emil                 none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
empire-hub           none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
empire-lafe          none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
emwin                none                 kernel header SOCK_DGRAM
enlightenment        libimlib,xfree
enscript             libpaper
eperl                none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
epic                 none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
epic4                none                 kernel header SOCK_DGRAM
epplets              xfree
eql                  none                 kernel header AF_INET/SOCK_DGRAM
erlang               xfree
eruby                none                 failed to build     
es                   none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
esh                  libreadline
esound               libaudiofile
estic                none                 kernel header linux/serial.h
et                   tcl
eterm                xfree
ethereal             libglib,libgtk,xfree
everybuddy           libgtk
exim                 none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
expect               tk8.0-dev
expect5.31           tk8.2-dev
express              libgtk
extace               libgtk
fakebo               none                 kernel header SOCK_DGRAM
fakeroot             none                 segmentation fault
falselogin           none                 source dep publib.h
fbgetty              none                 kernel header 
fdutils              none                 failed to build     
felt                 none                 no g77 compiler
festival             none                 source depend on architecture
fftw                 none                 no f77 compiler
fhist                none                 troff segmentation fault
filerunner           tcl,tk
flexml               none                 perl problems
flick                none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
flin                 none                 failed to build     
floatbg              xfree
fltk                 xfree
flwm                 xfree
flying               xfree
fmirror              none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
fnlib                imlib
fonty                console-tools
fortune-mod          none                 source problems
fox0.99              xfree
fpc                  none                 source problems
fping                none                 kernel header SOCK_RAW
frad                 none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
freeamp              none                 c++ error - need 2.91 at least
freecdb              none                 sourc dep freecdb.h
freeciv              libxaw
freetype             xfree
freetype1            xfree
freewnn              none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
freewrl              libjpeg
fsh                  python
fsp                  none                 kernel header SOCK_DGRAM
fsviewer             libwraster,xfree
fte                  xfree
ftpgrab              none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
ftplib               none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
fvwm                 xfree
fvwm1                xfree
fvwm95               xfree
g5                   libgtk
gaim                 libgtk
gamix                libasound
gaspell              libgtk,gnome
gato                 libgtk
gawk                 none                 tests fail
gbatnav              gnome
gbuffy               libgtk
gcal                 none                 source problems
gcc                  none                 linker error
gcc-m68k-linux       none                 Configuration mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu not supported
gcc272               none                 Configuration mipsel-unknown-linux not supported
gccchecker           none                 `mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu' unknown.
gch                  gnat
gcl                  none                 h/mipsel-linux.defs does not exist
gcombust             libgtk
gcpegg               none                 kernel header SOCK_DGRAM
gdb                  none                 Gdb does not support host mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu
gdict                libgtk
gdk-pixbuf           libgtk
gdm                  gnome
gdtclft              tcl
gedit                gnome
geg                  libgtk
gem                  mesagl
gemdropx             none                 source dep SDL.h
genesis              xfree
genius               libgtk
gentoo               libgtk
gerstensaft          libgtk
gettext              none                 source problems *.el not found???
gfcc                 none                 kernel header SOCK_RAW
gfloppy              gnome
gfontview            libgtk
gfpoken              libgtk
gftp                 libgtk
gglyph               libgtk
ghc4                 none                 Unrecognised platform: mips-unknown-linuxoldld
ghostview            xfree
gide                 gnome
gilt                 none                 libopenamulet
gimp                 libgtk
gimp-python          python
gimp1.1              libgtk
giram                libgtk
gkrellm              xfree
glade                libgtk
glbiff               none                 source dep GL/gl.h 
glibc                none                 no way - need mipsel suppoer + binutils
global               xfree
glotski              gnome
gltron               none                 source problem
gltt                 freetype
glut                 xfree
gman                 libgtk,libglib
gmasqdialer          gnome
gmemusage            xfree
gmp                  none                 failed to build     
gmp1                 none                 linker error 
gmt                  none                 source dep netcdf.h
gnapster             gnome
gnat-glade           ada
gnats                none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
gnofin               gnome
gnomba               libgtk
gnome-admin          gnome
gnome-apt            gnome
gnome-chess          gnome
gnome-core           gnome
gnome-games          gnome
gnome-guile          gnome
gnome-gv             gnome
gnome-libs           libgtk
gnome-media          gnome
gnome-napster        gnome
gnome-network        gnome
gnome-objc           gnome
gnome-pim            gnome
gnome-pm             gnome
gnome-print          gnome
gnome-think          gnome
gnome-utils          gnome
gnomehack            gnome
gnomeicu             gnome
gnosamba             gnome
gnotepad+            gnome
gnotes               gnome
gnu-smalltalk        none                 readline/termcap problem
gnucash              eperl,swig
gnugo                none                 makeinfo problem
gnumeric             gnome
gnuplot              latex
gnurobots            xfree
gnuserv              xfree
gobo                 smalleifel
gom                  xfree
gperiodic            libgtk
gphoto               libgtk
gpm                  none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
gpppon               libgtk
gps                  none                 kernel header sys/resource.h???
gq                   libgtk
gqview               libgtk
grace                none                 error: can not guess host type; you must specify one
gradio               libgtk
grafix               xfree
gramofile            none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
grep-dctrl           publib
gri                  tex
grip                 libgtk,libcdda,xfree
grmonitor            none                 kernel header RLIN_INFINITY
groff                xfree
groovycd             none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
groundhog            libgtk
grpn                 libgtk
gs                   libjpeg
gsl                  none                 `_FPU_SINGLE' undeclared (first use this function)
gsnes9x              gnome
gstalker             gnome
gstep-core           libtiff,libjpeg
gstep-extensions     gnustep
gstep-guile          gnustep
gsumi                libgtk
gtick                libgtk
gtimer               libgtk
gtk+                 xfree
gtk+extra            libgtk
gtk-engines          libgtk
gtk-engines-gtkstep  libgtk
gtk-engines-thinice  libgtk
gtkbrowser           libgtk
gtkcookie            libglib,libgtk
gtkdiff              gnome
gtkfind              libgtk
gtkfontsel           libgtk
gtkglarea            libgtk
gtkglareamm          libgtk
gtkgraph             libgdk
gtkmm                libgdk
gtksee               libgtk
gtksql               libgtk
gtktalog             libgtk
gtm                  gnome
gtoaster             libgtk
gtop                 gnome
guitar               libgtk
gv                   xfree
gwave                libgtk
gwm                  xfree
gxedit               libgdk,libgtk
gxset                libgtk
gzilla               libgtk
hanterm              xfree
happy                none                 Unrecognised platform: mips-unknown-linuxoldld
hatman               none                 svgalib/ggi
heartbeat            none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
hex                  xfree
heyu                 none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
hfsutils             tcl
hkgerman             none                 source dep buildhash
hp2xx                xfree
hpscanpbm            none                 kernel header sg
htdig                none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
htget                none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
html2text            none                 source dep makedepend
htmldoc              none                 linker error
httptunnel           none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
hunt                 none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
hx                   none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
hylafax              none                 generic source problems
i2e                  libgdk
ibrazilian           none                 source dep buildhash
ical                 tcl,tk
icecast              none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
icecast-client       none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
icecast-server       none                 kernel header RLIMIT_NOFILE
icewm                xfree
icmpinfo             none                 kernel header SOCK_RAW
id-utils             none                 source error
ifhp                 none                 kernel header SOCK_DGRAM
ifmail               none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
ifrench              none                 source dep buildhash
xfree86-1            none                 too big - doesnt build out of the box
xfree86-2	     none                 too big - doesnt build out of the box
xfree86-3            none                 too big - doesnt build out of the box
fetchmail            none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
gaby                 none                 source dep db2html etc
geda-gnetlist        xfree
geda-gschem          xfree
geda-gsymcheck       xfree
geda-utils           xfree
guile-oops           dvips
ifrench-gut          none                 endless loop
igerman98            none                 failed to build     
imagemagick          xfree
imap                 none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
imaptool             xfree
imgvtopgm            libnetpbm
imlib                xfree
ims-linux            none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
imwheel              xfree
inn                  none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
inn2                 none                 machine crashed
innfeed              none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
intercal             none                 pic & troff segfaulten
ipchains-perl        none                 kernel header SOCK_RAW
ipgrab               none                 kernel header net/bpf.h
ipip                 none                 kernel header SOCK_RAW
iplogger             none                 kernel header SOCK_RAW
iportuguese          none                 buildhash not found
ippl                 none                 kernel header SOCK_RAW
iproute              none                 source dep dvips
iptraf               none                 kernel header SOCK_RAW
ipx                  none                 kernel header SOCK_DGRAM
ipxripd              none                 kernel header SOCK_DGRAM
ircd                 none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
ircd-dalnet          none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
ircii-pana           none                 kernel header sin6
irda-utils           none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
irquery              none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
irssi                libPropList
isdnbutton           none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
ispell               none                 ????
itcl3.0              tcl,tk
itcl3.1              tcl,tk
jade                 none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
jail                 none                 kernel header SOCK_RAW
jed                  libgpm
jed-ja               none                 configure segmentation fault
jester               xfree
jgroff               xfree
jitterbug            none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
jmon                 none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
jnethack             none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
joystick             none                 -m486
jpeginfo             libjpeg
jpilot               pilotlink
junkbuster           none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
jvim                 xfree
jwhois               none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
karpski              libpcap
kbackup              none                 source depend latex
kdrill               xfree
kernel-patch-2.2.10-netwinder none                 kernel-package
kernel-patch-2.2.12-netwinder none                 kernel-package 
kernel-patch-2.2.13-netwinder none                 kernel-package
kernel-source-2.0.36 none                 kernel-package
kernel-source-2.0.38 none                 kernel-package
kernel-source-2.2.10 none                 kernel-package
kernel-source-2.2.12 none                 kernel-package
kernel-source-2.2.13 none                 kernel-package
kernel-source-2.2.14 none                 kernel-package
kernellab            none                 source package problem
kinput2              xfree
kiss                 none                 libreadline problems
knews                xfree
koth                 libggi
koules               xfree
kterm                xfree
lacheck              none                 source dep eperl
lam                  none                 source dep fortran compiler f77/f90
lambdamoo            none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
langdrill            none                 vdk.h/gdk.h
lapack               none                 source dep fortran compiler
lavaps               tcl,tk
lcdproc              none                 kernel package SOCK_STREAM
lclint               none                 source dep csh
lde                  none                 bitops.h ???
leave                none                 source dep pmake
lesstif1             xfree
lftp                 none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
libapache-mod-auth-pam none                 source dep apxs
libapache-mod-dtcl   none                 source dep apache source
libapache-mod-perl   none                 source dep apache source
libapache-mod-python none                 source dep apxs
libapache-mod-ruby   none                 source dep ruby
libape               none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
libax25              none                 kernel header SOCK_DGRAM
libbow               none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
libc                 none                 config.mipsel ????
libc-sparc           none                 config.mipsel ???
libcdaudio           none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
libcdb-file-perl     libfreecdb
libcdk-perl          none                 libcdk
libcgic              none                 ???
libch                none                 libpgsql
libcompface          none                 unknown target mipsel-linux
libcorba-orbit-perl  none                 ???
libdbd-csv-perl      none                 libdbi-perl
libdbd-mysql-perl    none                 libdbi-perl,DATA::Dumper,mysql
libdbd-pg-perl       none                 libdbi-perl
libdnd               xfree
libelf               none                 libelf-altdev
libflux0             none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
libg++27             none                 c++ problems ??
libg++272            none                 g++272 not found - puh !!
libgc                none                 ../mips_ultrix_mach_dep.s: Assembler messages:
libgcj               none                 ???
libgd                none                 libfreetype
libgeda              xfree
libggi               none                 aalib1-dev
libggidemos          none                 libggi2-dev
libghttp             none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
libglade             libgtk               xml-config
libgmp2              none                 linker error
libgnome-gnorba-perl xfree
libgtk-perl          libgtk
libgtk-ruby          libgtk               ruby
libgtkada            none                 gnat
libgtkdatabox        libgtk
libgtkimreg          libgtk
libhdf4              none                 libhdf/netcdf
libhoard             none                 c++ error
libhtml-embperl-perl none                 apache + modperl
libproplist          none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
libprpc-perl         none                 perl-storable
libpth               none                 unsupported platform
libregexx            none                 c++ errors
librep               none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
libroxen-imho        none                 ???
libroxen-smbauth     none                 ???
libsdl               xfree
libsdl1.0            xfree
libshadow-ruby       ruby  
libstroke            xfree
libsufary-ruby       none                 ruby
libtabe              none                 libdb2
libtcl-ldap          libopenldap,tcl
libtclobjc           none                 need objc
libterm-readline-gnu-perl none                 linker error
libuconv-ruby        none                 ruby
libungif4            none                 make -j ???
libv1.22             xfree
libvoxel             libsdl
libwmf               libXpm
libwn6               none                 csh
libxml               none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
libxml-parser-ruby   none                 ruby
licq                 none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
lilypond             none                 c++ errors
lilypond1.3          none                 c++ errors
lincity              xfree
links                none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
linleech             none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
linpopup             libgtk
linux-ftpd           none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
linuxconf            none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
linuxinfo            none                 linker error
listar               none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
liwc                 none                 libpublib ??
lletters             libgtk
loadmeter            xfree
lockvc               none                 libsvga ?
login.app            xfree
logout-button        libgtk
logrotate            none                 libpopt
lpr                  none                 linker error -lcommon
lprng                none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
lrzsz                none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
lsfcc                none                 source dep net/bpf.h
lsh                  none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
lshell               none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
lsnipes              xfree
lsof                 none                 complicated ...
luci                 none                 python
lukemftp             none                 source problems/gcc(egcs) problem
lurkftp              none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
lvm                  none                 we wouldnt want this 
lvs                  none                 kernel header SOCK_RAW
lwm                  xfree
lynx                 none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM 
m2c                  none                 mipsel ??? Whos that ???
macgate              none                 kernel header problems
mailleds             xfree
mailman              none                 python
mailx                none                 troff segfault
make                 tex
malaga               xfree
masqdialer           none                 linker error
masqmail             none                 kernel header SOCK_STREAM
mbonecommon          none                 kernel header RLIM_INFINITY
mc                   none                 crashed on build
gtk+1.2              none                 failed to build     
gtk+extra            none                 failed to build     
ace-of-penguins      none                 failed to build     
hello 1.3-16
a2ps 4.13-2
aalib 1.2-26
abc2ps 1.3.3-1
abcmidi 1.7.3-1
abuse-lib 2.00-10
acct 6.3.5-17
ada-mode 3.4a-7
adbbs 3.0-1.1
addressbook 0.7-13
adduser 3.11.1
admesh 0.95-1
ae 962-26
afio 2.4.6-1
aish 1.13-1
alien 6.59
amaya-dict 2.4-1
amphetamine-data 0.8.7-1
an 0.93-1.2
anacron 2.1-5
analog 1:4.03-5
angband-doc 2.83.6
aolserver-doc 3.0-1
apel 10.2+20000308cvs-1
appindex 0.5-1
apsfilter 5.1.4-1
apt-move 3.0-13
apt-proxy 0.4-3
apt-zip 0.11
aribas 1.14-1
arpd 1.0.2-7
artist 1.1beta1-3
asa 1.2-1.1
ascii 2.6
asiya24-vfont 1-6
aub 2.0.5-3.1
audiofile 0.1.9-0.1
august 0.52-1
aumix 2-1
autoclass 3.3.2-3
autoconf 2.13-20
autofs 3.1.4-0.1
autolog 0.35-3
automake 1.4-8
autoproject 0.6.0-1
ava 0.2.5-2
avra 0.4-2
avrp 1.0beta3-2
ayuda 0.1-2
barcode 0.94-1
barracuda 0.8-5
base-config 0.23
base-passwd 3.1.7
bbdb 2.00-5
bc 1.05a-10
beav 1:1.40-13
bg5cc 0.1-2
bible-kjv 4.00-9
biff 1:0.10-3
binstats 1.05-1
biomode 1.002-2
birthday 1.1
bison 1:1.28-5
bl 1.2-4
blackjack 1.4-1
bottlerocket 0.05b3-4
boxes 1.0-1
bsdmainutils 4.8
bsmtpd 2.3pl8b-6
buffer 1.17-5
build-essential 2
bulkmail 1.11-1
bvi 1.2.0-1.1
bwbasic 2.20pl2-3
bwnfsd 2.3-3
byacc 1.9-11.7
c2html 0.7.2-1
c2man 2.41-10
c2ps 4.0-3
cam 1.05-4
casio 2.2-5
catdoc 0.91.2-6
cd-discid 0.2-2
cdindex-client 1.0.0-1.1
cdparanoia 3a9.7-2
cgilib 0.5-1
cgiwrap 3.6.4-2
chipmunk-log-doc 1.3-1
colortail 0.3.0-4
cpbk 2.0-1
cpio 2.4.2-32
crashmail 0.60-1
crashme 2.4-4
cron 3.0pl1-56
cronolog 1.5b9-2
cruft 0.9.6-0.2
cutils 1.5.2-6
cxref 1.5b-2
dadadodo 1.03-1
db2.6 2.6.4-9
dbview 1.0.3-4
dds2tar 2.4.21-3
debauch 0.3-12
debianutils 1.13.2
debroster 1.5
deliver 2.1.14-2
dhcp-dns 0.50-3
dhelp 0.3.20
dialog 0.9a-20000118-3
diction 0.8-4
diff 2.7-20
diffstat 1.27-1
display-dhammapada 0.20-3
dmalloc 4.3.0-1
docbook-to-man 1:2.0.0-6
dome 4.60-1.3
donkey 0.5-11
doschk 1.1-1
dosfstools 2.5-1
dpkg-mountable 0.8
drawmap 1.7-1
dtaus 0.4-1
dtmfdial 0.2-1
dvidvi 1.0-3
dvorak7min 1.4-4
ean13 0.4-6
eb 2.3.6-1
ed 0.2-18
ee 126.1.89-11
efingerd 1.3
eject 2.0.2-1
electric-fence 2.1.3
elvis-tiny 1.4-9
ewipe 1.1.4-1
expat 1.1-1
ext2resize 1.0.6-2
exuberant-ctags 1:3.2.4-0
f2c 19991025-1
f77reorder 2.27-3
fastdnaml 1.2.1-1
fastjar 0.86-2
fastlink 4.1P-1
fbset 2.1-6
fda 1.0-3
fdupes 1.1.1-3
ffingerd 1.25-2
fidogate 4.2.8-4
figlet 2.2-9
file 3.28-1
file-kanji 1.1-10
fileutils 4.0o-5
filters 2.9
findutils 4.1-40
flex 2.5.4a-6
flip 1.18-5
floppybackup 1.3-2
fmtools 0.2.1-1
fonter 1.7-5
freesweep 0.87-7
ftape-tools 1:1.07.1999.03.17-2
ftnchek 2.11.2-2
funnelweb 3.2-2
fweb 1.62-6
g2 0.40-1
gc 1.07-3
gdbm 1.7.3-26.2
geekcode 1.5-1
gengetopt 1.1.1-3
genparse 0.3-4
genpower 1.0.1-11
genromfs 0.3-5
gif2png 2.2.5-1
giftrans 1.12.2-5
glademm 0.5.5-1
glib1.2 1.2.7-2
gnuchess 4.0.pl79-1
gnushogi 1.2p03-10
gperf 2.7-6
gpstrans 0.34-6
grap 1.02-1
grep 2.4-2
guavac 1.2-2
guile-core 1:1.3.4-3
gup 0.5.2
gzip 1.2.4-33
hdparm 3.6-1
hello-debhelper 1.3-17
hermes1 1.2.6-3
hexedit 1.1.0-2
hextype 3.0-8
hmmer 2.1.2
hostname 2.07
hp48cc 1.0-5
htp 1.10-3.1
hugs98 98.199911-1
hypermail 2.0b25-1
hyphen-show 0.1-2
hztty 2.0-3
icmake 6.21-4
icom 19990819-2
id3 0.12-1
id3ed 1.9-2
cd-discid 0.3-1
git 4.3.20-1
green-card 2.0-3
indent 2.2.4-1
installwatch 0.5.5-2
iselect 1.2.0-3
java2html 0.7.2-1
jaztool 1.0-3
jered 1.6.7-2
jfbterm 0.3.10-1
jgraph 83-10
jiffy 19990706-3
jiffy-perl-tk 19990726-3
jikespg 1.2-1
jless 332iso242-2
joe 2.8-14
jove 4.16-5
junkfilter 19990331-1
jzip 202b982705-1.1
kakasi 2.3.1-2
kbd 0.99-10
kcc 2.3-9
knl 1.0.1-2
konwert 1.8-2
ksymoops 2.3.3-1
latex2rtf 1.8aa-3
latte 2.1-1
lbdb 0.18.5
lcap 0.0.3-2
ld.so 1.9.11-5
le 1.5.7-1
less 352-1
levee 0.6-1.1
lexmark7000linux 0.1999-03-28-1
libalias-perl 2.32-3
libauthen-pam-perl 0.08-1
libcap 1.92-1
libcdk 4.9.9-1
libcompress-zlib-perl 1.08-1
libcurses-perl 1.02-3
libdate-calc-perl 4.3-1
libdb 1.85.4-4
libdbi-perl 1.13-3
libdigest-md5-perl 2.09-1
libfile-sync-perl 0.09-1
libgd-gif 1.3-2
libgii 1:0.6-1.1
libgsm 1.0.10-10
libroxen-floatingcode 1.4-2
libroxen-form 1.0-4
libroxen-kiwilogger 1.3-3
libroxen-randomfile 1.0-4
libsigc++ 0.8.6-1
libsmi 0.1.7-1
libsql-statement-perl 0.1016-1
libstorable-perl 0.6.5-1
libterm-readkey-perl 2.14-1
libtext-csv-perl 0.20-3
libtime-hires-perl 1.20-2
libtool 1.3.4-3
libungif 3.0-2.4
libunicode-map8-perl 0.09-1
libunicode-string-perl 2.05-1
libxml-parser-perl 2.27-2
limo 0.2.1-1
linuxlogo 3.0.2-2
loadwatch 1.0-2
lockdev 1.0.0
lockfile-progs 0.1.7
logcheck 1.1.1-4
logconv 1.54-2
lout 3.12-0.1
lp-solve 3.0-2
lpkg 19980629-2
lv 4.49.3-4
lx-gdb 1.03-4
lxtools 1.1-5
lzo 1.04-2
m4 1.4-10
macutils 2.0b3-8
magicfilter 1.2-38
mailagent 3.68-4
mailcheck 1.0
maildrop 0.75-2
mailto 1.2.6-3
man-db 2.3.14
man2html 1.5-21
maplay3 1.1-3
mawk 1.3.3-5
jikes 1.10-6

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