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Linux/MIPS integration of latest GCC, Binutils & Glibc


I'm working on integrating the latest GNU tools and libraries for my
Linux/MIPS machine (Cobalt Qube) and wanted to discuss various aspects
of what i'm doing with fellow travellers.  Right now these pieces don't
play well together and although I know have them working I want to
discuss various things so I get them "right" (rather than just working).

My first questions therefore is "What is the default compilation
mode?"  Let me explain.  Linux/MIPS GCC out of the box compiles to PIC
style code (even if you don't have the -pic flag).  It also passes -KPIC
to the assembler to tell it PIC code is being used (which it fails to
turn off if you use -no-pic I also notice).  Unfortunately this doesn't
work well with GLIBC which expects -DPIC and -D__PIC__ to be defined
when PIC code is being produces (and GCC doesn't do this).  While this
can be fixed it's unclear what the "right" answer is - should the PIC
symbol be defined?  Should the default to -fno-pic?

Any insight greatly appreciated.


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