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DEC Station 5000 series


I was involved in the Debian project some years back (i386 -- I was involved in
a number of packages around 1997), but had to give it away due to a lack of
time. However, there is a fair chance that I can pick up a free DECstation 5000.

  * Is this a supported platform for working with Linux/MIPS in general, and
Debian MIPS in particular? (it's based, if I remember rightly, on the R3000
  * If it's not a supported platform, would it be reasonably straightforward
(even if tedious) to get it working?

Thanks in advance. If everything seems favourable, I'll let you lot know once I
have the machine. (Bear in mind that I've a few non-computing activities that do
take a fair amount of my time, so I probably won't be as productive as others.)


Stuart Lamble. (once at lamble@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au, now working full time..)

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