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Re: New Binutils (source and mipsel debs)

On Sun, Nov 21, 1999 at 12:47:37PM -0600, A. Wrasman wrote:
> Looks good,
> downloaded the source and compiled it on my Indy that is a mix of hard hat and Potato.
> It went well except I had to turn off -O2 to get it to get through all of the code.
> Tried to compile gcc-2.95 with it and actually gat part of the way through stage 2 which was failling before
> with errors in bfd. I had been trying the stock binutils source from potato.

Same with me - It now segfaults in Linker if i remember correct ...

> Also libtool keeps complaining about not getting output from file that it likes. 

I have a working libtool for Mipsel i think ...

> Oh, well binutils helps alot though we are a step closer to native development.

Yep - I tried gcc 2.95.2 but no success ...

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