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re: RM200 and mips in general

Hi everybody,

thank you all for the immediate feedback. I just have to point out my
status here. Yes, I am an employee of one of Siemens daugther companies.
As such I have an access to various RM machines. But the effort of setting
up the Linux on these computers is entirely MY OWN, it is NOT part of my
assignment and I do it only in my free time.

But I want my work to be a benefit to an open software comunity and I will
be glad to share all what I do with anyone. But I have to repeat once
more, I do not represent any Siemens officiality. I owe a Linux community
a lot, and this is way how to add my piece - at least a little one :-).

Radim Gelner

On 18 Nov 1999, jeramy b smith wrote:

> Hello fellow Siemens employee and Debian list,
> My name is Jeramy Smith and I work for Siemens ICP in the USA. I spoke have
> spoken with several people about making RM200 machines available to linux
> developers. These machines would do well for high availablity web servers (2
> load balancer machines, x number of web servers, 2 nfs servers on the back
> end) or for use as network appliances. I would be interested to hear about any
> linux on RM200 success stories out there. I am hoping that I will be allowed
> one machine for linux testing. 
> I have spoken with Achim Klaus at the San Jose facility and he said he would
> try to get me a machine for testing.
> Jeramy.B.Smith@icp.siemens.com
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