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Re: Interest in getting more information how active this effort is.

[ I haven't seen anyone else reply to this, so I will ]

On Thu, Nov 11, 1999 at 06:55:37PM -0800, Stoner, Greg wrote:

> 	I am the Manager of Applications for MIPS Technogies
> Inc. Currently we are investigating all of the active MIPS Linux
> efforts.  Now with the comming new MIPS development platforms and
> MIPS Microprocessors we are gaining great interest in MIPS on Linux.
> We are looking at ways to better support the MIPS-Linux comunity.

Hi, I'm a developer with the Debian project.  Only an 'ordinary' one,
however - if you'd like to speak with someone more important, try
leader@debian.org.  Thanks for your interest, first of all.

If you don't know much about the Debian project, we are a group of
some 500 developers who put together a Linux distribution comprised of
free software.  Although we don't get as much press as Redhat, we are
quite popular amongst the developer crowd, given our reputation for
stability, security and high quality.  We also support the most
'ports' of any Linux distribution - we currently run on Alpha, ARM,
i386, m68k, ppc, sparc and ultrasparc (although not all of these have
been release as 'stable').  Our mips port is in its early stages, but
moving along quickly due to the efforts of a few dedicated

> If you have any suggestion please email me with your comments.

A donation of equipment would certainly be appreciated.  Debian's MIPS
effort is just getting under way, and there aren't a lot of people
working on it, so it would be nice to have some boxes publicly
available for developers who do not have MIPS boxes of their own.

I thank you for your interest and time,
David N. Welton            (    Circa mea pectora 
davidw@prosa.it            )    multa sunt suspiria
http://www.efn.org/~davidw (    de tua pulchritudine
debian.org + prosa.it      )    que me ledunt misere

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