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Some packages (finally)


I have built a couple of packages now, most of them from base:

adduser_3.8_all.deb                libreadlineg2-dbg_2.1-13.3_mips.deb
base-files_2.1.0_all.deb           libreadlineg2-dev_2.1-13.3_mips.deb
base-passwd_2.0.3.3_mips.deb       libreadlineg2_2.1-13.3_mips.deb
bash-builtins_2.02.1-1.4_mips.deb  makedev_2.3.1-19_all.deb
bash_2.02.1-1.4_mips.deb           mount_2.8a-2_mips.deb
bsdutils_4.4.1.1_mips.deb          mount_2.9g-6_mips.deb
fileutils_3.16-5.4_mips.deb        ncurses-base_4.2-3_all.deb
findutils_4.1-33_mips.deb          ncurses-bin_4.2-3_mips.deb
grep_2.2-1_mips.deb                ncurses-term_4.2-3_all.deb
gzip_1.2.4-28_mips.deb             sed_3.02-1_mips.deb
hostname_2.04_mips.deb             sysklogd_1.3-31_mips.deb
kbd-data_0.96a-14_all.deb          sysvinit_2.76-3_mips.deb
kbd_0.96a-14_mips.deb              tar_1.12-7_mips.deb
libncurses4-dbg_4.2-3_mips.deb     textutils_1.22-2.4_mips.deb
libncurses4-dev_4.2-3_mips.deb     update_1.3-2_mips.deb
libncurses4_4.2-3_mips.deb         util-linux_2.9g-6_mips.deb

I have dpkg built as well, but I lack some sgml tools so I can't build the .deb
at the moment.  I'll do that tomorrow or something.

I'll also check if I can actually use these packages or if I've just wasted a
lot of time :-).  Maybe I can upload them somewhere if you want to try them.


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