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egcs + binutils + glibc

Hi all,

The *real* development of Debian/MIPS may begin now.  I have managed to setup a
nice cross compiling environment using the latest versions of egcs, binutils and
glibc, Ralf has released MIPS patches for.

I have never managed to build all this before, so this is really some progress.
There were still problems with signal 11 during linking, even though I was using
Ralf's patches for binutils.  I had to smash some bugs on my own in binutils
before I could make it build correctly. :-)

I'll try to put together some cross compiling debs.  I'm unfortunately on modem,
so don't expect me to upload all that.  The current set of source debs I have is
from slink, so that's what I'm going to use.  I know that those aren't up to
date, but I don't have much choice ATM.


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