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Re: Offer of help...

> I'm sure they can find a spare indy :)

But it's taking very long.

> Ok. What gcc etc. versions do you have installed. I knpw there's issues with X
> compiling the kernel and getting the right tools (been there, gave up).  Will
> the gcc RPMs from the HardHat distribution be O.K? 
> [guest@lab27 guest]$ rpm -q binutils gcc libstdc++ binutils-2.8.1-2
> gcc-2.7.2-4 libstdc++-2.8.0-8

Crosscompiling the kernel isn't diffucult at all, I do it all the time. I think
the libs will be ok, but I'm not sure wether they're compatible with the debian
libs if we install the real stuff later. Let's hope it works.

I'll compile a cross environment with the latest egcs today, I think we need
somethin like that.

> Presumably there we'll choke on the same packages that are missing from
> Hardhat (tcsh etc.)

Who needs tcsh? ;)

We can atleast try. I'd like to fiddle with packages which are difficult to get

> If I can figure out how to get things going I'll let my indy chug away on as
> many packages as I can store (where's that RAID :) and find somewhere to post
> them. Are we basing the distribution on Slink?

I think so yes. Slink is probably safer shot. Maybe I should apply to be a
debian developer so I can get FTP access to the "real" archive.

> > We will boot through nfsroot. Debian can coexist with redhat as well.
> Most sensible idea. Presumably we can construct a "base*.tgz" file to pull
> across and install similar to the i386 setup...

That wouldn't bee too difficult.

- Ulf

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