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Re: Offer of help...

On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, Ulf Carlsson wrote:

> > This seems to be a fairly low volume list so lets hope someone's listening.
> Yep, we have a little problem. One of the core contributers to Debian/MIPS, Job
> Bogan, has disappeared. He has compiled a bunch of packages, but no one else has
> seen his work as far as I know. I have for myself compiled dpkg and some basic
> packages, but my Indy is gone and so are the packages. I will probably receive a
> new machine from SGI soon. Nancy Bigham said that she would ship it last
> Tuesday, maybe I have to send her an email and remind her :)

I'm sure they can find a spare indy :)

> > Cross compile environment. (or self host ?)
> Self host seems to work very well. There is a cross compiler rpm which you can
> use as well if you prefer cross compiling. I didn't manage to build the debian
> packages with the cross compiler though.

Ok. What gcc etc. versions do you have installed. I knpw there's issues with
X compiling the kernel and getting the right tools (been there, gave up).
Will the gcc RPMs from the HardHat distribution be O.K? 

[guest@lab27 guest]$ rpm -q binutils gcc libstdc++ 

> > Build source dpkgs.
> Yes, we have a lot of packages to build.

Presumably there we'll choke on the same packages that are missing from
Hardhat (tcsh etc.)

If I can figure out how to get things going I'll let my indy chug away on as
many packages as I can store (where's that RAID :) and find somewhere to
post them. Are we basing the distribution on Slink?

> > Work out installation stuff?
> We will boot through nfsroot. Debian can coexist with redhat as well.

Most sensible idea. Presumably we can construct a "base*.tgz" file to pull
across and install similar to the i386 setup...


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