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Re: Are these superficial autopkgtests?

On Tue, May 25, 2021 at 1:53 AM John Scott wrote:

> Note that in their reference to building a 'Hello, world' program, the
> specification says that what makes the test superficial is that the
> library's functionality isn't used in the 'Hello, world' program, but
> merely linking against it is tested. Since I'm testing GCC, Newlib
> (which provides the I/O functions), and the simulator in combination,
> is building and running such relatively simple programs appropriate to
> say that the tests provide good coverage?

I would say both of these are non-superficial tests, since they both
exercise major parts of the functionality (code generation, linking?,
I/O functions, simulation etc) rather than just superficial things
like options processing etc. Obviously if you can come up with more
tests to exercise a larger variety of functionality, that would be

BTW, is qemu-system-sh4 not suitable for running the output of
gcc-sh-el? Also, yabause is an emulator for the Sega Saturn, which was
a games console based on SuperH SH-2.



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