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Bug#988346: RFS: fpart/1.3.0-1

Le 15/05/2021 à 08:15, Tobias Frost a écrit :

Hello Tobias,

Thanks a lot for taking care of my bug report.

Well, Debian is frozen – it is strongly discouraged to upload inapproppiate [1]
changes to unstable at this time.

So you should either target experimental or wait until bullseye is released.

(Below is assuming to either to wait or target experimental; Because of the
potential mess a upload to sid might create, I generally do not upload to sid
if it is clearly outside of [1])

Oh, right, thanks. I'll probably fix the remaining issues and come back with a fresh update once the freeze is over.

Thanks *a lot* for your detailed review ! (I'll take time to have a look at each point and come back to you).


Ganael Laplanche

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