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Re: Touching $HOME in postrm


Thanks for taking time to reply to this strange issue...

On 04/05/2021 08:39, Andrey Rahmatullin wrote:
> On Tue, May 04, 2021 at 04:46:42AM +0200, Alec Leamas wrote:
>> Touching files under $HOME in a postrm script is obviously a bad idea.
>> However, a colluegue insists in trying to make me do this.

> Under which of the home dirs? Normally it just doesn't make sense to find
> all real users and then find and access their homedirs, especially taking
> into account various complex setups.

>> Just to resolve this issue: is the the limitations on what files which
>> can be touched by a packaging script documented somewhere?
>> I have been skimming through the Policy Manual, but no luck. Did I miss
>> something? Is it somewhere else? Or is it just an undocumented "good
>> judgment" thing?

> I think it's the latter, together with what I said above.

On 04/05/2021 08:54, Geert Stappers wrote:

> Describe the original goal, tell what you want to achieve.
> Why the need for touching files under $HOME.

It's certainly not what *I* want to achieve...

Anyway, your replies are most useful to sort out this situation. I will
invite my colleague pursue his arguments here, should he feel he needs
more input.

Again: thanks for your replies!


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