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Bug#978440: RFS: paperwork/2.0.2-1 -- Personal document manager

Le dim. 14 févr. 2021 à 14:45, Mechtilde Stehmann <mechtilde@debian.org> a écrit :
Hello Leopold,
hello all,

does it also build at buildd after a source only upload.

At the official build machines it is n't allowed to install a package
which isn't called in debian/control beside the essential build packages.

You have to call *all needed* packages for building in debian/control.
Otherwise it can't be build at the official build machines.

This should be ensured by pbuilder. You have to be able to build in a
clean pbuilder chroot.


indeed, and we all agree on that.
I'm using sbuild in a clean sid chroot, and i don't see the problem with sphinx at all.
Could the problem be somewhere else ?


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